Week 29: No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

2 Mar


It’s just a week to listen to this record, it just is.  A full album I know every single word to and can’t hear without singing every one and pretending to myself that I might sound even vaguely like Gwen.

Not only has the sun started to come out just a tiny bit, which always makes things better, I’m also busy throwing things that still vaguely fit into a suitcase ready to jet off to Florence on one last fabulous holiday before our family gets bigger by a whole person.

I have never been this excited about a holiday.

I feel the exact feeling I used to feel just before summer holidays at school. This might be because my job feels more like school than ever. Also because I am starting to get really tired again and am beyond ready to collapse for a few days. Forcing myself to stay up til 9 is getting to be a real fight, and the idea of having full days with no plans where I can sleep when I want to, go out when I want to, eat when I want to, and generally loaf about and not do anything if I don’t want to is utterly blissful. I also showed enormous foresight by getting us a proper nice hotel for the first time in our lives so if I want to spend the full six days getting pruney in the bathtub then I’ll only be getting our money’s worth and I shan’t feel an ounce of guilt.

I promise to bring you lots of beautiful pictures, but seeing as Sam tried to take one of me yesterday and declared “I can’t make the camera make you look pregnant. You just look like a chubber!” I think we might be skipping any of me for a while.

Happy March everyone. I hope you have something happy to look forward to this month, even if it’s just listening to some super-awesome 90s alternative pop music for the rest of the day.


One Response to “Week 29: No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom”

  1. Siobhan March 3, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    I do love this album a lot. I hope the holiday has been exactly what you need and that you have had the best time.

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