Week 27: Kenny Loggins – Keep The Fire

17 Feb

East Van Disco

What better way to cruise into your final week of 2nd trimester than with a bit of K-Log? I have Amy to thank for bringing me this uplifting record featuring the big K in his “space Jesus” phase. Look, he’s giving us the gift of driving soft rock, in the form of a pulsing orb. Take it. Let the rainbow light up inside your ears.

Michael Jackson sings backing on this record, do you think he took conceptual inspiration from it and saved  it up for that song he did with all the kids and Jarvis Cocker’s bum? I love it when pop stars do that. Go on, ride onstage on a white tiger. I dare you.

This is the record of the week because we listened to this all the way home from our smashing weekend trip to London and I can’t see it being taken out of my car stereo for something more critically acclaimed. It’s ace.

I have just one more week of being in the middle phase of baby-growing where ladies are alleged to glow just like that orb in Kenny’s outstrectched hands. And am I glowing? Am I fuck. I tell you what, they feed you a lot of nonsense. I’m still knackered, a bit less vommy and quite a lot fatter (not sure how much is cake and how much is baby mind).

Nails are looking great though, they didn’t lie about that. And Spring appears to be on its way, which means May is nearer, which means less wondering about what it’s all going to be like and actually doing it. So impatient. So very impatient.


One Response to “Week 27: Kenny Loggins – Keep The Fire”

  1. siobhanjc February 18, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    I reckon it will be May before any of us even know it. I am loving this blog. Just loving it x

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