Week 22: Massive Attack – Blue Lines

16 Jan


Bloody toothaaaaaaache

Honestly, I have never experienced anything more horrific. 48 hours of feeling like someone’s hammering a white hot nail into my jaw with no respite (supermoan coming up, turn over to Countryfile for five minutes if you wish), counting down the minutes til I can take my next paracetemol dose which will allow me to sleep for an hour before being dragged screaming back into my hellish reality for a three hour wait where every second feels like one long, agonising week. Hugging my knees and screaming and crying and fantasising about breaking all my teeth with a hammer. Not being able to eat anything apart from yoghurt. YOGHURT. And not very much of that because I’ll be SICK.

OK, OK, come back now. This isn’t going to be one long downer I promise.

I’m better now, yayyyy! Well, as of this afternoon it’s gone rapidly from excruciating to simply annoying (hurrah for my elephant dose of antibiotics finally kicking in!). I feel like I have been kissed by angels. I want to dance naked in the street, giving out heart-shaped balloons to passers by. Seriously though, is there any bliss greater than the absence of something that was truly and relentlessly horrid?

Anyway, I had intended to play Gaga NAPALM DEATH next. Oh how I was looking forward to a bit of juicy thrash metal! But even I couldn’t tolerate anything remotely jarring when writhing in snotty spasms of mouth-based pain. So I picked the mildest thing I could think of, and that thing was – for some reason – Massive Attack.

I was never very into these when they were first about. The 90s, for me, were pretty much all about raucous guitars played by the art school brats and lumpen anoraked oafs I aspired to be like. Dance music was for pretty people wearing white clothes from Morgan. That was not me. I overlooked an entire genre in my teens purely because I was a genre snob.

Since then, I have learned the error of my ways. I have vowed to never be a judgemental about music again. If you like Kenny G, baby that’s fine with me. I will listen to it all and love it all, however challenging or bland or critically reviled. Good music is good music. This statement may not apply to the work of Kenny G.

Yesterday was the first time I’d ever listened to this album, and, even when in paroxysms of pain, it’s really really good. I lay with my laptop on my belly with a packet of veggiemince slowly defrosting on the side of my face and felt Gaga flip like a little baby sealion to the music.



One Response to “Week 22: Massive Attack – Blue Lines”

  1. siobhanjc February 18, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    This is still my favourite Massive Attack album. Or “Massive” album as it said on my brother’s copy due to Iraq war censorship…

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