Week 22: John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

13 Jan


Jazz! Mmmm, nice.

I’ve tried to listen to loads of jazz before. I still don’t really know what I like. I know there are bits I find interesting and bits that I instinctively enjoy, but I’m not sure in which artist they all gather together as one, joyful jazzgasm in my brain. I’m on a bit of a hunt. I’m quite enjoying this record, but I’m not sure it’s The One.

When our lodger moved out last year we had full intentions of turning the attic room into a Jazz Club, with a piano, drums, saxophone, a million guitars and an amazing padded bar with a beach scene on the wall serving cocktails that involved blue bols and tiny umbrellas. We were going to charge people to come to Jazz Club every weekend to listen to our JAZZ and drink our elaborate and violent drinks, thereby making up the £280 pcm we were losing by not having a lodger any more.

Didn’t really work out. We got as far as a room full of slightly neglected instruments gathering dust. Then I got a 9-5 job, which made up the money. Then I got pregnant, so Jazz Club rather boringly needs to be the spare room now.

Maybe one day in the future, when we’ve successfully bred some kind of crazy youth collective of musicians, I will go upstairs into the attic and Jazz Club will finally be happening at last, impromptu and freeform. A small person will be hitting the drums. A smaller person will be hitting the piano, maybe with one of the cats.

I feel like this might be the ultimate jazz noise I’m looking for. Not sure our neighbours will agree though.


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