Week 21: Rocket From The Crypt – Group Sounds

6 Jan

group sounds

I have spent the last week absorbing the Ina May Gaskin book on childbirth, which appears to have tapped into some horrific inner-hippy tendencies I have managed to keep closeted for 32 years. I was always vehemently anti-hippy, my loathing of tie-dye-swaddled jugglers being equal to the fear other people have of tall buildings, flying and being murdered in their beds.

However. Years of being clonked over the head with full-strength drugs (hello resulting opiate addiction!) and unhelpful doctors for my recurring bad back have lead me to discover that if you use your noggin you can sometimes find ways to help yourself that might not mean taking up a horrible, druggy hammer in order to crack the proverbial nut.

I have been thinking a lot about climbing into my own brain to find ways to stop fearing labour and instead have faith in my body to do what it was built to do. About tapping into that meditative, primitive state I get into whenever I’m doing anything absorbingly physical, like running a really tough last few kilometre or pushing out a seemingly impossible strength rep. OK, these are crap sporty references and small beer in comparison to pushing a baby out of your foof, but probably still excellent labour mind-set training.

So now I’m looking out for things that help me get into that state – from the obvious (trust and support from my birthing partner), to the slightly bizarre (leaving my contacts out so I’m blind and in a “feeling” rather than a “thinking” place) and the totally awesome (listening to powerful music that helps me tap into my primal brain). I love Rocket From The Crypt, I’m pretty sure all those Swami label bands make things happen in my cervix, even on a normal day. All the blues progressions, low, hard grooves and incessant thumping drums. I realise this may sound like a reach, but I’m putting John “Speedo” Reiss in my baby-popping toolbox.

And PLUS the words to my favourite song on the record, Carne Voodoo, (although I’m sure this is not what they were supposed to mean) chant to “bring me the head, yeah! Full steam ahead, yeah!” If that isn’t a fucking fabulous birth mantra, I don’t know what is.


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