Week 20: Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

31 Dec


How annoying is it spelling Rumours like that, even though it’s the way Fleetwood Mac did it, and hence Proper.

Halfway through!

And finally, FINALLY after meeting our tiny little boy (BOY! What did I tell you, am I not always right) on an ultrasound screen it starts to seem real. Real enough to start spending silly money on awesome Scandinavian baby clothes with monkeys and lions on them. Real enough for us to start clearing the house and tidying up ready for nursery. Real enough for us to go into John Lewis and wheel an Uppababy around going “ooh, nice turning circle!” as if I even know what that means. We still can’t collapse a buggy though. We pressed everything and stood there looking really helpless but …. nope.

This buggy is going to cost more than mine and Sam’s Actual Adult Cars PUT TOGETHER.

It’s a whole new world of haemorrhaging money we’re entering here.

So it’s New Years Eve and nearly a brand new year and it’s exciting and (for the first time) a bit scary. I’m sure I have zero appreciation of how challenging this year is going to be. People make having babies sound like going to war, and I’m sure it can’t be that bad. Not as bad as war. Babies have more good bits than war. I’m waiting to read the next blog/internet article/comment that says this is entirely false, and a newborn baby is not just worse than war, it’s worse than a really bad war where you get tortured for top secret information, losing both ears in the process and then loads of innocent civilians die anyway. And it’s all your fault because you didn’t want to lose your nose as well.

Happy new year everyone! Hope it kicks you in the guts, in a really great way.


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