Week 19: The Ronettes – Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes

24 Dec


It’s Christmas Eve and Gaga is doing forward rolls! Looks like it’s not just me that’s into the festive spirit this year. I avoided a cheesy Christmas album for this week – the Ronettes always sound Christmassy enough with all that Phil Spector echo. Their version of What’d I Say is rad, I’d never heard it before.

Very odd to think this is hopefully the last year just the two of us. We’ve planned to spend today doing a relaxed mooch around the city centre to pick up a few last minute presents, then maybe tea out somewhere. I’d been anxious about buying anything at all for Gaga before Thursday’s anomaly scan,  but we’ve caved and bought a couple of Christmas presents which we’ll give to each other later tonight. I’m being hoofed like a good ‘un anyway, so it’s definitely still in there. Long legs like Mum and Dad too, by the feel of it.

Every day I  get a bit more relaxed about this. I think I’ve spent the last four months in complete and utter disbelief that it finally happened. Fingers crossed for the all clear later this week.

Merry Christmas all, love from Jellybrain Mum and Baby Gaga. Go and listen to the Ronettes now.


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