Week 18: Pearl Jam – Ten

21 Dec


I have filed Pearl Jam in my brain under things that are far too bloke-y and pointless to bother even trying, like remortgaging your house so you can stand at a football match every weekend freezing your tits off. However. I have decided to keep going with the grunge theme and listen to one I’ve not bothered with before. I didn’t like these when I was younger. I didn’t like Soundgarden either. I didn’t hate them, I just thought they weren’t for me.

I have listened to Ten all week. I do actually like the first few songs, they sound quite exciting. The production has aged really well for something that was made twenty whole years ago. I don’t think it’s a very consistent record though, and, ok, maybe I should have chosen Vitality, but I still don’t think Pearl Jam are very good.

But you know what the main thing I have taken away from a week listening to Pearl Jam’s Ten is? An overriding sense of injustice for all the shit I got given for liking the Spin Doctors at around the same time. IT SOUNDS THE SAME. Only the Spin Doctors WERE BETTER. The guy could actually SING for a start, and they had songs that had proper bits in them, you know, they didn’t just do the same thing over and over again because they couldn’t think of anything better to play.

Yeah so the Spin Doctors weren’t grunge and they weren’t cool, but they weren’t responsible for Nickleback either, which Pearl Jam clearly are.

I am going to hold my head high about Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, it is a GREAT RECORD and it’s still probably in my top ten ever, and I don’t care who knows it.

Pearl Jam! Pah.

Is the Spins reunion tour sold out yet? Probably not, because everyone who is an idiot thinks they’re shit and is staying at home listening to Pearl Jam and masturbating. I am ordering tickets as we speak. I will not be shamed. I WILL NOT BE SHAMED.


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