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Week 15: Tool – Aenima

28 Nov

Where have I been? I’ve had my head up my bum!

I’ll tell you what happened. We had the scan at 13 weeks which was very exciting for Sam who actually got to watch the thing and less so for me who couldn’t see shit and got poked VERY hard in the belly with a probe by the sonographer who was very snippy about my empty bladder (I HAD drunk my pint and a half of water an hour before, I swear I need to drink twice as much as every other pregnant lady ever, I’m like a parched sponge all the time). Oooh, she was cross with me.

Anyway, then I got very excited and decided that my next album would be Back In Black by AC/DC, a storming tribute to seeing the tiny face of my son/daughter for the first time, but then I realised that the CD wasn’t in the case and ohhhh it all got a bit hard. Then I got really into the Toy album, which is brilliant, but I wasn’t sure if it was classic enough, or at all. Then I got a cold. Then the heating broke.

This is only going to get worse from now on, I realise. Things just not getting done. I still haven’t done my tax return, in case you were wondering.

So I’ve been listening to Tool all this week, which is A Really Good Thing. Gaga’s ears are properly forming now and he/she will actually be able to hear stuff properly (or as properly as you could if you were listening from inside a bubble of goo) . So it makes sense to have something stonkingly loud and epic. Although I realised today on the way to work that the guitar break in Stinkfist, which contains one of my favourite chord progressions Ever In The History Of Rock actually just sounds a bit like U2. Which was upsetting. With all the hormones raging in my body I was genuinely near tears when the thought occurred to me. Ugh.

We have started telling some people which has been Nice! But we still have quite a few to tell. I’m still a bit nervous that it’s all going to go tits up, just as I’m starting to think about forking out close to sixty smackers on Topshop maternity dungarees.

Fingers crossed Gaga. We’ve come a long way, baby.


Week 12: Parliament – Mothership Connection

3 Nov

What kind of record should you play to celebrate the fact that your ears have now moved into the correct position? What kind of record exactly? P-FUNK, BABY.

I thought I wanted to play Funkadelic, but I have since learned that Funkadelic is a whole different kettle of trips, and the sound that was in my head that I wanted to play for tiny Gaga was actually George Clinton’s other endeavour – Parliament. I’ve never listened to a Parliament record in its entirety before. It’s a perfect, joyful celebration of the alignment of ears.

There’s another reason to celebrate this week too – I have been able to eat soup and porridge (not at the same time) for the first time in six weeks. I am torn between feeling delighted that I am going to be able to get back to a healthy, non-cheese-sandwich-based diet, and feeling terrified that the ebbing of nausea means something is awry. I had not realised how much worry all this would bring. I guess it’s the start of many years of worry. Luckily, I’m pretty good at it.

This weekend we’re going to see the grandparents-to-be and I have a lovely two days off work with which to enjoy galavanting around the country and seeing many films at the Leeds International Film Festival. I am making a concerted effort to do all  the things that will soon no longer be possible (or at best will require months of prior planning). I am slowly becoming aware of how much of a luxury it is  be able to throw your toothbrush and pair of pants into a Sainsburys bag and jump in the car to go visiting at a moment’s notice.

10 days til the dating scan though….